Owls page disclosure

Our Maine Owls is a website set up for my web design class as an example of how to build a website using WordPress. The group of bird watchers, the Northern Strigidae Watchers is a fiction but all the information and links on owls is factual.
This is why I’ve made this website public, it’s actually a nice resource on Maine owls.
All the images are public domain from Wikimedia Commons.  If you discover that one of the photos is yours please contact me and I will credit you in a photo tag.
I want to thank Betsy Fecto  and Annie Seikonia  for writing original content for this website.

Happy Owling
– Frank Turek – web design instructor at Portland Adult Ed.
And the parent website for the class is at WpStudent.net

Below is jetpack’s version.

  • Great Grey Owl head protrait
  • The story of Spooky the Screech Owl
  • The expressive Eastern Screech owl.
  • A Maine Snowy Owl
  • Owl News featured image
  • Featured image for the Northern Saw-Whet Owl page.